WaterTree Water Center

Serving The Black Hills Since 1939

1939. Yep, that’s when it all began for us. Just a little water treatment business in the middle of the United States. Back when Franklin D Roosevelt was President, milk cost 49 cents and televisions started selling for the first time in America.

Skip ahead 2 decades and a young man by the name of Darrell (Robbie) Robinson traveled from Chicago, Illinois to Rapid City to run this growing water treatment business and raise his family. In 1956 WaterTree Inc. opened our sister company, The Pool & Spa Center. Over the past few decades we have remained family-owned and operated by second and third generations.

As a company we have grown and moved around town, survived the 1972 flood and have still continued to serve our customers with the same standards and customer service as when we began back over 75 years ago.

From all of us at WaterTree, we strive to take care of our customers the best way we know how and to offer the highest quality products at a reasonable price. We carry Hellenbrand products because we feel that they are superior quality and are innovators in their industry backed by exceptional customer service.

Community Involvement

Giving back and supporting our community is important to us at WaterTree. We have supported many local programs such as Children’s Miracle Network, Toys for Tots, local softball teams and other local charities.

We are also involved in local organizations as well as national organizations.

· Black Hills Home Builders Association


· Spearfish Chamber of Commerce
· BNI International
· Children’s MiracleNetwork



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