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Water treatment, drinking water supplier and bottled water services in Rapid City, SD and the Black Hills.

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As a family owned and operated company, it is imperative to us that our customers know all their options. Knowing the truth behind different filtration techniques allows our customers to find the perfect water filtration & treatment system without breaking the bank.

WATERtree Water Center has been praised as the New Standard in the Black Hills, and has raised the bar for the rest of the water treatment industry. We also offer a full range of traditional residential water treatment options such as water softening, water filtration, and reverse osmosis.

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    Water Softeners

    Learn how more efficient water softeners can help lower excessive levels of chloride in water throughout your home and community.

    Drinking Water

    Address taste and quality issues in your drinking water and make sure it’s free of unwanted contaminants left behind by standard filtration.

    Problem Water

    Having healthy water starts with understanding your water. Here are common water problems and how our products can solve them.

    The Importance of Water Filtration

    Left unchecked, mineral and sediment accumulation can:
    • Leave water stains/spots/soap scum on sinks, shower doors and silverware
    • Damage refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, even coffee maker
    • Impair water heater function (higher energy expenses and shorter life)
    • Cause dry skin and hair, potentially exacerbating acne and psoriasis
    • Clog pipes, faucets and tubing, leading to expensive replacements

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    What our clients say

    Google Review
    Brad H.

    We'd like to give a great big thank you to Aric & the entire Watertree staff for the great customer service we received during our consultation, purchase & installation of our new water softener & separate kitchen reverse osmosis systems. They both work amazing!

    Google Review
    Ariel T.
    I have had nothing but excellent customer service from everyone at Water Tree! They have all been super courteous, no matter what! Thank you guys for your amazing business!
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