Make sure no contaminants are left behind in your drinking water. And reduce the effects of kitchen hard water.
Solve bathroom hard water problems and protect fixtures.
Filter out unwanted contaminants with or reduce the effects of hard water and keep clothes soft and bright.
Keep your home running smoothly and your appliances at their most efficient.

How Water Affects Your Home

Water leaves its mark on your home. There could be minerals left behind in your drinking water or hard water clogging up your appliances, making your skin itchy and leaving your clothes feeling less than soft.

It’s time to see your water more clearly. Learn how drinking water filtration and water softening systems can reduce contaminants and the effects of hard water.


  • Nitrates, though colorless, odorless and tasteless, can often be found in unfiltered drinking water and are harmful to your home and family.

  • Hydrogen sulfide in your tap water creates a rotten egg odor that affects the taste of what you drink and eat.

  • Hard water causes spots and film to appear on your glassware and dishes.


  • Chlorine used by municipalities to disinfect public water can cause dry eyes and skin irritation.

  • Acid water causes blue-green stains and eats away at chrome fixtures, fittings and pipes.

  • Hard water leaves behind hard-to-clean film and scum on shower walls and tubs.


  • Softened water can extend the life of your appliances, save energy, improve performance and cut your detergent use by 60%.

  • Minerals left by hard water can cause your clothes to be scratchy and stiff and make it harder to remove pesky stains.

  • Rust stains, sulfur odor and black manganese are more likely to occur with unsoftened water.


  • You save money on energy costs when your appliances are working at peak efficiency.

  • Preventing hard water buildup helps extend the life of your fixtures and appliances.

  • Softened water keeps your water-based household appliances running at their most efficient ENERGY STAR® rating.