Drinking Water

WaterTree provides a variety of solutions to give you great tasting drinking water. Whether it is Watertree Bottled Water or Hellenbrand Reverse Osmosis or Filtration, WaterTree has the solution for you.

Millenium.pngMillennium Drinking Water System
Today’s water is often flawed by minerals, organic matter or chlorine taste and odor. Reverse Osmosis (RO) combined with activated carbon technology reduces up to 99% of unwanted impurities and eliminates bad taste and odors for refreshing clean and clear water. Check Out Our Faucet Options.

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WaterTree Bottled Water

WaterTree Bottled Water is a great choice for offices, work areas or homes where versatility is needed. Our Bottled Water is sodium free with low dissolved solids and is available in BPA free bottles.
You can have to the door delivery or pick up your water at either of our stores in Rapid City or Spearfish. 

Bottleless water2.jpgWatertree Bottleless
Bottled Water without the Bottle! Get Cold and Piping Hot purified or filtered water.

“Our old department store water softener died and we were recommended to Watertree by our neighbors. The people there are so friendly and really explained to us what we were getting in their quality products. Thank you for making buying a water softener a pleasant experience.”

Candice C

Drinking Water Solutions for you.

We Proudly offer these solutions

  • Delicious clean, clear, water on-demand
  • Reduces harmful impurities like Nitrates, Lead, Arsenic, Radium, TDS
  • Save money by eliminating single-serve bottled water
  • Improves the taste of coffee, tea and delivers flavorful beverages, soups and sauces
  • Reduces greenhouse gases, and fewer plastic bottles end up in landfills
  • Meets the strict standards of NSF international
  • Many Faucet Styles and Color Options

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Hellenbrand has a full line of Reverse Osmosis Systems for whole house, commercial and industrial applications.

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