Disinfection is more than just adding chlorine or a UV light to your system. Proper flow rates, contact times and water characteristics are needed to assure your safety. WaterTree knows disinfection and can assist you in finding the right system for you.

“We refer all of our clients to the WaterTree - both the Rapid City and Spearfish offices. They are the best! Not only are their products long lasting, but their customer service is fantastic! We wouldn't refer to anyone but them.”

Michelle V.

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We Proudly offer these solutions

The Sentry I Chlorinator works by dropping dry chlorine pellets down the well helping to control bacteria right in the well.

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Stenner is WaterTree's solution feeder of choice for most feeder applications.Stenner offers versatility of feed output and automatic degassing. Tube changes are a breeze with the new QuickPro® pump head. Follow the link for more Stenner advantages.

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UV Disinfection is a great alternative for clear, low hardness, iron free water disinfection. WaterTree can analyze your water and apply the correct equipment for your situation.

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